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I have worked in over 30 projects of Computer-graphics for Architecture, light and space simulations and ecologic impact.
Software: Autocad, 3Dstudio, Lightwave and Photoshop
At the moment I'm studing Radiosity for my next still images.
Next step I'll work with Virtual Reality for Architecture.

This is a 'small' gallery of pics produced in 6 years of
freelance work (1994-1999)

T.A.V. Railway (1999)
High Speed Train Railway.
Photorealistic renders of the Railway structure for ecologic impact.

Kursaal Beach (1996-1997)
Prestige bathing establishment in Rome- Restyling.
Olympic swimming-pool 33 feet diving-board and 2 discos. Architect Nervi original project.

SS 156 (1998)
Street (SS156). ecologic impact.

Lamps and Illumination (1998)
Modern or classical Lamps, wall brackets, posts and illumination.
Illustrations for a catalogue.

Via Giulia (1998)

Introduction of wall brackets and posts in Giulia street (Rome). Light Simulation

Romagnoli House (1996)
A four-family house.

Lidauto Ford Building (1995)
Ford Car shop, deposit and offices in Rome.

Baleniere Palace (1995)
A curved-edge Palace.

Club Navy (1997)
Disco Pub in Ostia Beach (Rome).

Edilpark Parking (1995)
Commercial area and Parking.

Infernetto Cottages (1996)
Cottages for 2 families.

Infernetto (interior) (1996)
Cottages for 2 families. 3D plants and internal perspectives.

Royal Arm-chairs (1995)
From a challenge beetween an hand draftman Architect and I. I realized 2 perspectives of an arm-chair, a sofa and a 360' movie-clip of the arm-chair in 3 days with good results. I won the challenge and a commission.

Albicocca House (1997)
Internal perspectives of a cottage.

Sundial (1997)
A little sundial for the Republic San Marino.

Boksic Hotel (1997)
Hotel in Croatia.
Owner: The football player Boksic (national Jugoslavia)

Moka Cottage (1994)
Cottages for 2 families. Day View and Night view

Veranda (1996)
Wood structure.

Channel Cable Trays (1996)
3D Rendered and wire-frame Autocad+Photoshop illustrations for a Catalogue of Channel Cable Trays.

Some pics of little works and particulars.