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Think of me, Ignore me, Find me if You wish,
don't search for me, You tell others about me,
You skip words that I've written You
Know who I am, what I want,
You trick me, you use me
You don't understand me,
do Not believe Me
You believe in me, don't know me
Fate wanted You to have met me
You Remember me
Have Dreams about me
You have Never seen me
You won't Find anyone like Me

am a Good Boy, easy
not serious, an idiot.
I'm Not an idiot.
I'm Professional, very quick, normal,
I can do anything.
I'm always silent, calm, timid, reserved,
I am sad good, honest, full of thoughts, patient
I'm good looking, nice, ugly
athletic, couragious, strong
agreeable, happy
a gentleman, misterious, romantic, an artist, sensible
I'm a gray Shadow
It does Not matter if I'm around.
I'm to be kept away
I Am Alive, it's not by chance I met You
I Never have seen You
I won't Find anyone like You


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